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Have you been seeking a deeper understanding of your life and a deeper level of connection with their spiritual self? Do you yearn to develop or deepen your intuition, connect to spirit guides and change your vibration to live your most divine life?

Join Tollerra Immersion today to discover how to release energy blocks that hold you back and shift into your highest vibration for rapid personal growth and manifestation of what you want in your life.

Tollerra Immersion helps women who would love to live at a much deeper and trusting level and at a much higher vibration align to their Soul’s Purpose.

Natural-Born Healers

Women are often natural-born healers and frequently have a high degree of intuition that informs and guides us through our lives. We might be naturally multi-talented and are typically called to do many jobs in many roles.

If you are a giver, a healer, and a holder of space for others to grow and shine, it can be easy to forget about YOURSELF.

So now it’s time to give this gift of space, time and connection back to yourself. It’s time to remember who you are at your core, to do life easier by listening to your intuition and connecting to your spiritual guides who want to help heal and guide you to your greatest fulfillment.

The Tollerra Immersion Program

We designed The Tollerra Immersion program to do just that. In three life-changing months, you’ll discover how to reconnect to your intuition, use our proven methodology as a framework to making decisions and taking steps, and move into your highest contribution.

What if you could:

  • Start every day with a deep sense of spiritual awareness and connection?
  • Know that you have a guidance system that always redirects you to your highest and best choices for yourself?
  • Figure out easily what choice to make when the decisions are tough?
  • Connect to your knowing in partnership with spirit guides and the universe, where you can give and receive insight and wisdom to and from others?

How can Tollerra Immersion improve your life?

Your intuition can help you eliminate self-doubt and step into the power of who you are and what you are here to do. It can be a constant companion helping you make the best decisions for yourself. Imagine

Did you know spirit guides exist, and you can use their wisdom to benefit you? By connecting with them and integrating your strong intuitive knowing in your life through our energy techniques, you can shift your energetic vibration to its highest level. What is your energetic vibration? It is when we feel our best, when we just know what we are doing, saying and being is aligned from a place of your own wisdom and knowing. When you are in a high Energetic vibration life just flows.

You deserve a program that’s all about YOU! Tollerra Immersion gives you all the steps to open to your gifts, learn to live by your intuitive knowing again or deepen your intuition and create higher vibrational energy to manifest what you desire and allow extreme flow.

How does it work?

The first step, you’ll clear energy that may be blocking your intuition and deep connection.

The second step, you’ll learn how to ask for advice and guidance for yourself and others.

And in the final step, you’ll connect to your spirit guides and develop a meaningful relationship. You’ll discover how to best use your guides to create a life full of meaning, vibrancy and impact.

You’ll experience all this with two LIVE video calls each month, a connected and caring community where you can ask questions, and a fabulous 1-day, in-person experience where you’ll ignite your intuition and take connection and healing to the next level.

All calls will be recorded, so you can access them again and again to learn and grow.
If you are already a healer or dream of being one, you owe it to yourself and to the world you’ll help heal to join Tollerra Immersion now!

Tollerra Immersion sets a solid foundation for you to deepen your intuition and fully access your natural-born healing abilities through the Tollerra Methodology. Whether you want to heal yourself, your family and friends, or build a healing practice, the healing journey begins and ends inside YOU.

Take the next step on your healer’s journey to explore if Tollerra Immersion is right for you.

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