Tollerra Healing Experience

Are you ready to answer the call to create meaningful change and healing in your life?

Do you seek healing for yourself or others or want to deepen your healing practice but have no idea where to start?

We’ve got your solution. Let Tollerra Healing Experience free you through a life-changing, 4-week journey to release blocked energy that prevents you from embracing healing and living the life of your dreams.

You need a simple and effective plan

We designed The Tollerra Healing Experience to investigate one area of your life and provide the proven methodology to move you to where you want to go. You’ll experience freedom on the spiritual, emotional, and physical levels. So often we are stuck in our lives not because we don’t have big dreams or aspirations, but because we were either told we couldn’t or shouldn’t be too much, too big, or too bold. Or we let fear stand in our way.

No matter if you are stuck or frozen or simply ready to move forward, you can break through and move into the biggest and greatest version of yourself.

We made it easy!

This is a 4-week, LIVE / self-paced program that takes you on a journey of healing starting with your vision, limiting beliefs, energetic blocks and soul contracts. Join Tollerra Healing Experience and gain the momentum you need to shift into the best version of yourself.

Tired of life and ready to answer the call?

If you feel drained and tired simply from giving too much, this healing experience will help you get your groove back. If you’re stuck and afraid to move forward in an area of your life, this healing experience will help you set yourself free.

If you believe you’re being called to become a healer and have much to give but no idea how to start or where to go, this healing experience will give you the clarity you need to step into your natural-born role as a healer.

Taste freedom from your limiting beliefs and release blocked energy that weighs you down and robs your energy. Put yourself on the path to realizing your purpose and healing yourself, family and friends, and clients with the Tollerra Healing Experience!

How does it work?

You’ll join Mary Ann LIVE via 4 in-person video calls over 4 consecutive weeks. Our weekly video calls will give you the energetic boost you need to get into action and stay there. Mary Ann loves to teach interactively and will ask for examples and questions as we go along. So what’s in these training calls?

Align Soul Purpose


You’ll receive a high-level overview of the Tollerra Methodology, what impacts our soul’s journey, and how to apply the methodology to your life area where you want to create movement.

Create Empowering Beliefs


You’ll understand what beliefs, either conscious or subconscious, are holding you in place or making movement hard or painful. You’ll shift the belief and create a mantra for you to embrace new, empowering beliefs.

Shift Soul Contracts


You’ll discover what soul contracts might be at work in your life that don’t offer the support you need. Soul contracts sometimes appear as deep patterns in our life. You’ll look at the energy and shift it to create a new contract.

Heal Lineage Energy


You’ll investigate lineage energy to determine the impact of family belief patterns and experiences in your life. Phrases you heard early in life like “money doesn’t grow on trees” and the energy of scarcity, for example, may have been handed down to you from up to 7 generations back. When you do this work not only will you be healed, but you will be healing 7 generations forward. You can free your children and future generations and create the space to move into what you desire.

Join the Community

Each of the training calls will be recorded, so you can join the community or pick the day and time you want to heal yourself and get into motion. You’ll also have access to this work for 3 months, so you can use the modules over and over to release more energy and embrace more healing and abundance.

You could pay $997 for all of this, but you don’t have to!

Sign up today and you’ll receive special pricing

(for limited time only)

at a super discount for only $297.

Why the low price?

Because Mary Ann wants to support as many people as she can with her powerful and effective Tollera Methodology designed to heal you and liberate you to follow your dreams. By creating and enabling healers, we bring more healing into the world!


and you’ll also receive a personal 20-minute laser call (valued at $500) with Mary Ann or one of the trained Center For Lifelong Happiness team to help you plan your next steps and set you up for continued success.

Tollerra Healing Experience provides the proven tools to help you answer the call to become a healer and create your biggest and best life. If you want to move into your dream life, don’t wait. Just start now. When you put off what you know you want and must do, you just delay your own success and keep yourself stuck.

Embrace your natural-born gifts and realize your dreams! Answer the Call today!

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