Journey to Peru

Imagine yourself immersed in the powerful healing energy of mystical Peru, the rushing water cleansing you and the support and grandeur of the mighty mountains grounding and connecting you. This ancient land cradles you like a womb, warm, gentle, and loving. You are surrounded by world-renowned shamans, myself, and all my spiritual guides as well as the vibrant crystal energy that is so palpable here. Each day opens new healing opportunities, a safe place for you to release and transform. You begin to experience yourself illumined from the inside, what I like to call “The Peruvian Glow.”

You and I are being called to work, dance, and connect with the crystal cities and learn more of the crystal grids in Peru. Join me for a truly transformative week as we learn and heal from this land, her friendly and welcoming people, and the local shaman who will accompany us. This is going to be a magical experience and opportunity to leave our illusions behind and really step into the deep mysticism of the soul. We will hold ceremonies once each day to do the deep work; sightseeing is secondary to doing the work of the soul.

Peru grabs your heart and keeps calling you back; many, including myself, make return journeys to this amazing country. My biggest life transitions and support came after visits to Peru. The land itself sparkles with powerful energy because of all the ley lines, and when you consider the fact that you’ll work with a local shaman and my guides each day, you are in for a life-changing experience! This journey will beautifully fuel your desires.

Are you ready to create your own breakthrough in this magical land? If you are up for deep continuous work, shedding illusions that are keeping you from your true light, and making meaningful connections with kindred souls, mark your calendar and join us in Peru!

We’ll visit the city of Cusco, the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, and the Islands. To accomplish all this, we will definitely be on the go!

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