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  • Do you yearn to up-level your vibration and share your healing gifts in the world?
  • Do you know, deep in your heart, that you are meant to heal yourself, others and/or the planet?
  • Do you long to launch or grow a meaningful business healing people?

Then your life is about to get VERY exciting!

You feel the desperation of a world that needs healing and you hear it calling YOU and other lightworkers to bring more light to our planet. We are being beckoned to shift from our current lower vibrations and hold a higher frequency, for us and for our world. You hear it calling you to bring peace, love, and harmony but what are you supposed to do?

I completely understand if you feel confused, hesitant or lost around knowing how to make a difference in this world. I spent many years successfully transforming large high tech companies but never felt like I was using my most valuable gifts. Until …

I met my teacher

My first teacher was a “corporate shaman.” He was an executive with healing gifts and I’ll never forget the afternoon he asked me:

“So when are you going to start using your real gifts in the world?”

Then I knew I had to be a healer. Since that day, I embraced my healing gifts to bring happiness and physical, emotional and spiritual health to many people, including myself.

Let me tell you the secret you already know…deep down in your soul.

You are ready

Healing is your greatest gift and you were given that gift to serve others.

I bet you aren’t surprised! You’ve felt this is your purpose, haven’t you? But maybe you were afraid to pursue it. Maybe you thought you couldn’t make a decent living. I’m proof that you CAN live your dreams as a healer and it’s possible for you too. Besides…there’s no more time for excuses, hiding, or waiting anymore.

If you are already in a healing practice, there’s no more time for playing small when you want more. So many people need help. Our world needs help. They need YOU!

So…how can you step in or expand your divine role as a healer?

I created The Journey of the Healer School exactly for people like you who want to joyfully live their true purpose and fulfill a dream to help the world. The Journey of the Healer School will heal, teach and guide you to grow and expand your healing gifts. I know how much the world needs lightworkers! Imagine the effect of more healers who heal more people…the healing rippling out….

That’s how we heal the world!

To create impactful healing in the world, I want to share with you the powerful, no-less-than-life-transforming techniques and insight I’ve received through my 25+ years of experience as a transformation manager, shaman, coach and healer. I want to share the framework I developed for deep energy work. I specifically designed The Journey of the Healer School to support and surround you with a loving, like-minded community so you can thrive and realize your most profound impact.  Let me ask you,

When are you going to start using your real gifts in the world?

Now is the perfect time. People all around you need your light and healing. This year is aligned with great growth, great possibilities and great support. You are being called.

The Journey of the Healer School was created for YOU! You too can answer the call to heal, to fulfill your soul’s purpose and live a joyful, abundant life, just like I do and just like the people I’ve already trained, including Jesse and Margo.

Jesse stepped into her confidence and fully claimed her power as a healer through my training. She started her healing business and became fully booked in just 6 months! Easily, she earned referral clients and is able to attract as many clients as she would like. Also, she enjoys flexibility in her life.

Through the healing school, Margo opened her gifts to healing with plants and earth energy. Now she creates transformations oils and bath salts from mother earth’s bountiful herbs and plants. Her business has been so successful that her products are flying off the shelves! She feels a strong sense of confidence and power.

With The Journey of the Healer School, I wanted to create a world where healers like you have the freedom, flexibility and finances to live the life that brings you the greatest happiness and gives you the ability to make your biggest impact.

Answer the call to your soul’s purpose.
Claim your joyful, abundant, and fulfilling future NOW.

Are you already sharing your healing gifts and are eager to help more people, more effectively? Call us today to find out how to make your dream life a reality through The Journey of the Healer School. It is nothing less than transformational! Most people are using their gifts on only the physical body. Can you imagine the joy you and your clients will feel when you expand your healing to the emotional and spiritual planes as well?!

The world needs your light. What’s holding you back from taking your healing gift to the next level? Schedule your call NOW and share with me.

Time really is running out. The doors to The Journey of the Healer School are open for only a limited time and space. Don’t miss this opportunity to reclaim your power and step into your soul’s joyful purpose!

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