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Now is the time to make a difference with your healing gifts.

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You’ve hoped and waited for this moment. You know deep in your heart that you want to answer the call to advance as a healer. How exciting to finally connect with your true purpose!

When you embark on a journey as powerful as fulfilling your life’s purpose, you want the safety and proven track record of an experienced guide. You can leave the stress and worry behind. I’ve invested over 25 years of study and development into The Journey of the Healer School. This has been my passion and purpose as an Energetic Master, Intuitive, Life Coach and founder of the Center for Lifelong Happiness.

I’m thrilled to get to use all these gifts to support and accelerate TRANSFORMATION FOR YOU!

You know your journey to realize your dreams is in good hands as I’ve coached and healed thousands of people from all over the world. I have a master’s degree in education from Boston University; Advanced Shaman Training and indoctrination with not one but two world-renowned shamans. I am the author of the award-winning book, Engaging Your Power and Founder of “School of Source” and Center for Lifelong Happiness. For over 15 years, I worked as a corporate executive, more specifically, as a Global Transformation Manager and executive coach and healer with clients worldwide. I have a certificate in organizational design and development from The Center for Creative Leadership, certification as a Success Unlimited Network coach and graduated from an intensive 3-year Future Thinking and Leadership program.

For 15 years, I’ve offered a healing school to empower people just like you to open up and use their own unique healing gifts to change the world. My trainees and I have made this the fastest, most powerful and pleasant route to fulfilling your life dreams. There’s even proven methodology behind The Journey of the Healer School. I’ve honed it into a roadmap; the roadmap to your success! When you follow it, you’ll see your healing gifts blossom. You’ll connect with exactly what you need to deeply heal your clients.
The Journey of the Healer School promises to be truly transformational! Take a few minutes and get familiar with how your life can change and the scenic sites along this journey of a lifetime.
You can expect these benefits from your journey:

You can expect these benefits from your journey:

  • Clarity around your healing gifts
  • Elevated confidence in your intuition
  • More flow and ease in your life
  • Knowing who your ideal client is
  • Increased ability to attract your ideal clients
  • Ability to quickly and powerfully heal your clients
  • Knowing exactly what needs to be healed and in what order
  • Increased impact as a healer
  • Being an integral part of a powerful healing community
  • The satisfaction of pursuing your dreams
  • Knowing how your gifts can raise the vibration of the planet
  • A system to identify what your clients need for support and healing
  • A process to work through your clients’ issues
  • Experience in an integrative approach to healing
  • And much more!

During our first year together, I’ll continuously call you forward and support you to live in your highest vibration and do your work in the world. You’ll train within a system of energy healing that effectively shifts the spiritual, physical and emotional levels for holistic healing.

Our roadmap consists of four basic steps:

  • I’ll show you how to identify energy;
  • The process to heal what you identified;
  • You’ll practice and gain confidence to heal; and
  • You’ll earn an abundance of referrals and rave reviews from your clients!

Easy! Your abilities will flourish as you experience for yourself and discover how to confidently deliver more than 12 proven and powerful healing processes, including:

  • Open or deepen your intuition, use it daily, and differentiate between it and mind chatter;
  • Channel spirit;
  • Connect with your own and others’ spirit/soul;
  • Read the Akashic Records;
  • Understand spiritual contracts and renegotiate them to serve your client; and
  • Release negative/blocked energies.

Here’s how your life-transforming year is lined up:

March 2018 – February 2019

  • Twelve months of group training and coaching for you to step into being a confident, powerful healer;
  • Three in-person, 3-day immersive trainings, where you are part of the magical healing circle and can work with me and your community in person (or by video conferencing if you can’t travel);
  • Program starts with an in-person, immersive training in Boston March 23-25;
  • Two 75-minute training and Q&A calls per month to kindle your transformation and growth;
  • Three 20-minute, laser coaching calls with me or my team to help give you a North Star to guide on throughout the program;
  • An exclusive, online community of fellow healers: you’ll share stories, gain friendships, and receive support and coaching in a private chat group;
  • Extra goodies, tools, and resources: recordings of all sessions, framework, handouts, meditations, practice exercises, and energy clearings; and
  • Upon completion of the modules, you’ll earn an advanced Healing Certificate to proudly display on your office wall.

The Journey of the Healer School is based on the effective philosophy of Heal, Learn, Practice. Through a combination of in-person, immersive trainings and live video trainings, each interaction will deepen your intuition and support you in living in your highest vibration and bringing your special light into the world.

In-Person Immersive Trainings

Three, in-person, 3-day immersive trainings

You’ll immediately feel the magic start to flow as we gather our transformative healing circle in the Boston area and dive deeply into the work.

Actually, it feels way more like PLAY!

We’ll meet together at the beginning, middle, and end of our year-long journey so you can fully absorb and then practice what you’ve learned in your existing or new healing practice. You’ll have the time and space to connect with your gifts and to immerse yourself in both receiving and doing healing work. You’ll amaze yourself as your proficiency skyrockets!

Each immersive training will look like this:

Day 1 focuses on the “Heal” aspect. I’ll guide you through one of my effective processes (e.g., reading the Akashic Records) and you experience the power of it for yourself.

Day 2 focuses on the “Learn” aspect. I’ll guide you step-by-step through exactly what I’m doing to heal in the process. You’ll get access to what is happening and how you create the powerful healing.

Day 3 focuses on the “Practice” aspect. We’ll break up into small teams and practice what you experienced for yourself and what you learned real time (not just once, but several times) so you gain more clarity and confidence to immediately begin using this technique with your clients. I’m available to answer any questions and provide guidance.

Throughout The Journey of the Healer School, you’ll have access to me and a coach to create breakthroughs if you encounter any temporary roadblocks that limit you from connecting to the highest and most powerful version of yourself as a healer.


Live Video Trainings

2 calls per month = 20 calls
Invigorated from our energetic, in-person sessions, you’ll head back home to practice these proven techniques with your existing and new clients. I’ll support you each step of the way.

The first call of the month will be a training call where you’ll have access to deeper wisdom and connection. The second call is a Q&A call where you can ask anything about your own or your clients’ experiences.

Participation is vital to your success. We want you to burst into full bloom as a healer! These video calls will be live so you can interact and ask real-time questions. Also, we’ll record them so you have access to them anytime during the program. There are some calls that you will want to listen to repeatedly because each time, you’ll continue to receive deeper and deeper connection and healing.

Every month, I’ll teach you how to show up as your most powerful healer and contribute in the world and you’ll have access to our healing community to ask questions and seek guidance along the way.

The Journey of the Healer School is 12 months of advanced energy healing, training, coaching and support. It is a holistic healing program. If you wish to continue, you may enroll in the optional 2-year Mastery Certification Program.

Our most recent healing school created a strong community of talented healers who have embraced their gifts and are making a difference in the world!

Space is limited! CALL TODAY to talk with me or my team about how The Journey of the Healer School can help you fulfill your dreams and heal the world, one person at a time.

NOW is the time for your journey as a healer!
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I can’t wait for you to answer the healing call and see our planet flooded with even more light and love! You are about to experience one of the most powerful transformations of your life!
Invite your friends and family too! Imagine if you’re able to develop your healing abilities with those you love and care about most. Immediately, It would transform your world and begin to ripple out….

The world needs your light. What’s holding you back from taking your healing gift to the next level? Schedule your call NOW and share with me.

Time really is running out. The doors to The Journey of the Healer School are open for only a limited time and space. Don’t miss this opportunity to reclaim your power and step into your soul’s joyful purpose!

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