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To make it easy, we put together a list of the most commonly asked questions. Check it out!

Who will benefit the most from Journey of the Healer School?

  • Those who have some experience with healing modalities and are open to learning a full healing system.
  • Those who have started a healing business or have a desire to.
  • Those who want to make a difference in the world.

One of the highlights of my teaching style is that I meet you where YOU are. Depending on your level of experience, I always know the next, best step for you at whatever stage. I have defined Journey of the Healer School to simultaneously accommodate intermediate, advanced and mastery students. I want to reach as many healers as possible to raise the frequency of the world and create meaningful change through each of you!

What type of energy healing do you teach?

I’ve combined my extensive education, training and hands-on healing and coaching experiences to create a powerful healing framework to heal at the physical, mental, and spiritual levels. My technique is an effective support system that helps you break through your limits and align with ease and flow as you step into using your intuitive gifts to make a difference on this planet. As a healer and coach, I help my clients focus on their own unique gifts so they can expand their talents to impact a larger audience in alignment with their purpose.

What specifically will I learn?

You’ll identify any blind spots that block you from sharing your gifts and you’ll receive the tools and resources you need to remove your blocks. More importantly, you’ll work within a system of energy healing that impacts the spiritual, physical, and emotional levels. I will provide you with a roadmap so you can figure out what your clients need and then give them a holistic process to receive what they want. Click to see a more detailed topic list.

How will I benefit from this program?

You’ll gain many benefits on three levels. Personally, you’ll dramatically EXPAND YOUR GIFTS, open your channel to have more ease and flow in your healing and access the ability to create your greatest impact in the world. As you do this work, you will start noticing more happiness and fulfillment in your life.

Secondly, you will gain the ability to have a SYSTEM to work within. To assist people in healing at a comprehensive and holistic way is powerful. The fact that you can work not only in one modality but a whole system will help you offer more services and create much better results for your clients.

Thirdly, the community, support, and practice you’ll receive during this program will enhance your CONFIDENCE and TRUST in your abilities to have a purpose-based business.

You’re getting a comprehensive and effective energy healing system; the only one you’ll ever need, which saves you time, money, and stress. Easy!

How is the program structured?

The Journey of the Healer Level 1 is a 12-month program.  The first session will be in person in the Boston area. If you can’t attend in person, we will be videoconferencing people into the program. You can watch real-time or on your own time. We’ll immerse ourselves in transformation and set the solid foundation for the rest of the year. We’ll meet in person for 3 days, a total of 3 times, throughout the year. In-between our in-person meetings, I will be leading 2 group calls each month that are virtual. This means you can do this program from anywhere in the world!

Trainings are held on Wednesdays. One call per month is a teaching call where I will continue to grow your capabilities. The second call is a Q&A session where you can ask me anything about your work or your client situations and I will show you ways to handle them. This is a great call because we are taking on real-life case studies and I teach you real time how to support different issues. You get unlimited access to our healing community through group chat for support, as well as, a dedicated web page where all dates and resources related to the program are stored. This includes recorded sessions, meditations and handouts. A coach and I will support you throughout the entire program.

What are my payment options?

A pay-in-full option will provide a very generous discount. Also, you can take advantage of a convenient, monthly payment plan. If you are 100% committed to The Journey of the Healer School, there will be a payment plan for you! We are here to support you so JUST REACH OUT and we’ll work with you. Click here to connect with a team member or Mary Ann. You are worth the investment!

What if I don’t live in the Boston area near Mary Ann? Can I still do the program?

Definitely! I specifically designed this program for you to get the maximum impact with 3 in-person sessions in the Boston area over the course of the year. In fact, it is a huge advantage to fly in and be out of your day-to-day routine to focus and be present with yourself. Even if you can’t make the in-person sessions, you can attend remotely or watch the videos at your convenience. However, we really encourage you to attend. Our gatherings create MAGIC!

All other trainings are virtual, which means we meet on a video conference line for the group calls 2 times each month. You can live anywhere in the world and be a part of The Journey of the Healer School!

What if I can’t make the training calls live?

No problem! The training calls are all recorded for your convenience. You can listen to them on YOUR OWN TIME, ANYTIME. They are released within 24 hours of the live session. You can join The Journey of the Healer School and still make it work for your busy schedule.

What is the time commitment?

You’ll get out what you put in! You’re being called to share your light with the world. You deserve to connect with your healing purpose and spread that light to those around you and live in abundance. There is no better way to do that than through this process. The Journey of the Healer School asks you to give 2 hours per week to the trainings and practice exercises. Everything else is a bonus! If you can’t give yourself 2 hours per week to step into your healing gifts and purpose, then we should definitely have a conversation. If this is the work you are meant to do in the world, let’s get creative in how to find the time. As a reminder, the school is 12 months.

Will I receive a certificate upon completion?

Yes! When you complete the trainings in Level 1 (the first year), you will receive a Level 1 Advanced Certification. At this time, you may choose to go forward for an additional year to earn the Level 2 Mastery Certification. (We highly recommend the second year).

Is this a group program?

Yes, this is very much a group experience. I intend to create a strong and powerful group of healers living life from a place of confidence, love and possibility. The community will be a big support system for your growth and transformation. Spaces are limited so don’t wait! Click here to schedule your 1:1 Journey of the Healer Call with me or my team today.

Can I get private coaching through this program?

Yes! There will be a few private spots open for private coaching to go along with the school. Just call! This means you’ll get access to me one-on-one throughout the program. There are only a limited amount of spots available for additional private coaching. Click here to book a time to speak with me about the private coaching option.

You’ll receive three 20-minute laser calls with the team throughout the year as part of the baseline of The Journey of the Healer School.

I’ve heard that Mary Ann is a gifted intuitive and can read and heal multiple people simultaneously.

What does that mean?

One of my gifts is the ability to use my strong intuition and connection to your guides, my guides and universal guides to work on multiple energetic layers at the same time and on multiple people at the same time. I teach this advanced-level energy healing in the optional second year of The Journey of the Healer Program. Imagine a room filled with people and you could be removing energy from a physical level for one person, while bringing in the energy of worthiness for another and clearing up ancestral limiting beliefs with another person. It is a total game changer and is what allows me to accelerate my healings and trainings. In other words, I can heal in parallel instead of serial so your time with me is packed with information specific to you!

What are Mary Ann’s credentials?

I’m an Energetic Master, Intuitive, Life Coach and founder of the Center for Lifelong Happiness. I use these gifts to support accelerated transformation for my clients. I have coached and healed thousands of people from all over the world. I have a Master’s Degree in Education from Boston University; a certificate in organizational design and development from The Center for Creative Leadership; a certification as a Success Unlimited Network coach focusing on executive and personal coaching; Advanced Shaman Training with a world-renowned shaman; and I graduated from an intensive 3-year Future Thinking and Leadership program. My professional experience includes over 15 years as a corporate executive, working at senior management levels, as a Global Transformation manager of high-tech companies; and as an executive coach and healer with clients worldwide. I opened the doors to my first healing school in 2003. I’ve been trained by some of the most powerful shamans and healers of our time. However, as my awareness and power opened up, I spent the last 5 years being trained by spiritual masters who inform, demonstrate and show me the most powerful yet simple ways to change and transform people’s lives. I‘ve combined all my experience and knowledge to empower you to open up and use YOUR OWN, unique healing gifts. Together, we can raise the vibration of our planet!

When can I sign up?

I’m handpicking the students for The Journey of the Healer School to ensure we have a group of healers who are ready and able to do their work in the world and to ensure the quality of your experience. The Journey of the Healer School is specifically designed for the individuals who are already healers and want to expand their power and practice and for those who know that they have gifts and are ready to bring them out in the world. If you’re ready to transform your life, schedule a Journey of the Healer call with me or my team TODAY.

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