I’m so excited to share some fabulous news with you!

First, imagine for a moment that you could

  • focus your intuition and energy flow to heal others.
  • expand deeply into your healing gifts.
  • learn new, proven ways to powerfully heal your clients that will keep them coming back for more.
  • enrich your current healing modalities and create your own, unique signature healings.

Now visualize how professional and personal fulfilment like that would enrich your life and see yourself as a masterful healer, someone who lives from and within that magical, transformational flow of the universe…

Sounds like a beautiful dream, doesn’t it?

The Journey of the Healer School is the life-changing energy healing and training experience I have taught and now re-visioned especially for people like you who:

    • are ready to claim your healing power;
    • want to take the next step in the healer’s journey; and
    • are ready to dive deeply into intuitive healing using crystal grid systems and expansion energy to heal yourself and your clients (and learn proven techniques to get results every time)


Starting to see the powerful possibilities here?

Why consider The Journey of the Healer School?

You’ll hear me use the word “magic” a lot when I talk about The Journey of the Healer School, because it sums up the power, transformation, and deep discovery you will experience throughout the training. I cannot overemphasize how effective and mind-blowing this program is!

Importantly, you will benefit from my extensive experience. After practicing energy healing for more than 20 years and working with my spiritual guides and my clients’ guides, I’ve designed for you a powerful process of working to uncover all energetic blocks on the emotional, physical, and spiritual planes. Why wade through a pile of other programs when you can finally pull it all together in one comprehensive training (especially one that’s so comprehensive and focused!)? Your time and energy (and money!) are important, so don’t waste them on workshops and trainings that can’t offer the laser focus, results, and value that The Journey of the Healer School gives you.

This path is innovative, integrative, and holistic. No rehash of the same old programs here! You will quickly deepen your connection to your intuition and spiritual guidance. Then, you’ll learn my valuable process for assessing where your clients’ energy is blocked and how to develop a powerful plan to heal them and get them excited about the next healing.

You begin by using these techniques and processes to heal yourself. You will look at every facet of yourself, your spiritual influencers, your soul’s purpose, and our shared human experience to locate the places to focus healing. You will learn more than 12 different healing techniques to heal yourself on ALL levels.

And the journey doesn’t stop after the first year. If you are ready for even deeper magic, you can apply to Year 2, where we really turn up the energy volume and aim for mastery through advanced energy techniques and hands-on practice. This healing certification program includes the opportunity for you to work closely with me and my team to heal and coach, a valuable hands-on experience that will boost both your confidence and your abilities.

How is The Journey of the Healer School different from other programs?

Here’s what a couple of my former students and co-creators say:

“So many healers teach only their techniques, but Mary Ann approaches healing differently and shows you how it all fits together.”

Lisa L.

“I feel so blessed to know Mary Ann because most training is from books and then application, whereas Mary Ann receives directly from the divine and brings it right to her students!”

Margaret S.

My method gives you the big picture of the many dimensions within that you can heal and then breaks it down into basic building blocks to provide healing. This approach ties together all the energy systems and processes. You get hands-on experience to practice what you learned, so you walk away bursting with confidence. By embarking on The Journey of the Healer School, you develop excellence in healing people through the depth and breadth of what we teach.

Is Journey of the Healer School right for YOU?

Let me help you answer that by asking a few questions:

  • Are you curious about energy healing and maybe have already taken a course or two?
  • Have you noticed that “something” blocks you from growing your energy healing practice?
  • Do you know intuitively what to do but long for a system that consciously connects it all for you?
  • Do you want to learn advanced techniques to deepen your practice?
  • Have you studied energy healing already but don’t know how to manage or integrate all the various systems?
  • Do you want to expand your current energy healing practice?
  • Are you passionate about your role as a healer?
  • Do you want a thriving practice where you treat all kinds of problems and do so from a place of confidence?

If you answered yes to more than 3 or 4 points, I would say you are a perfect fit!

If you have a deep knowing that this healing work is for you, or you have a yearning to bring this level of healing into the world, CALL US. If you want to know more, explore the exciting details HERE.

How is The Journey of the Healer School structured?

The Journey of the Healer School is a comprehensive, in-depth school offered for either one or two years. You may choose to complete year 1 for advanced certification or continue to year 2 to for mastery certification.

To accommodate our global healing community and keep you learning and growing, we will meet two times per month, virtually, via an in-person group video call. These group calls will nourish, enlighten, challenge, and motivate you throughout the year.

And to get the really special magic bubbling? We’ll meet in-person for 3 days, 3 times during the year. These personal workshop-style retreats will be hands-on and highly interactive, with a lot of small group work and include focus on your personal energy system. And to keep our beautiful energy flowing and provide a nourishing, comfortable environment, the mood will always be inspiring, focused and insightful. You will also have fun, shift your own energy and move into higher and higher vibrational energy to do your work. My goal is to increase your capacity to heal from one to many. Get ready to be amazed at what you’ll experience during these retreats!

Year 1: Ignite the Healer Within

During this year, you will experience more than 12 different healing processes that integrate and support you living in your highest vibration and doing your work in the world. Among other topics, you will learn how to:

  • Open or deepen your intuition, use it daily, and differentiate between it and mind chatter
  • Channel spirit
  • Connect with your own and others’ spirit/soul
  • Read the Akashic Records
  • Understand spiritual contracts and renegotiate them to serve your client
  • Reprogram your cellular structure
  • Release blocked or stuck negative energies
  • Use the Rainbow Bridge to remove fluid energies
  • And, so much more…

To set you on the path to professional success, you’ll begin to practice energetic healing right away and learn about the business side of it.

Year One gives you a solid framework to identify the areas where energy is blocked or dissipated for your client and the tools to know how and in what order to heal them. During our time together, you will heighten your intuition, develop working relationships with your spirit guides, and access and ignite your healing energy. You will discover what gifts come naturally to you and what beliefs limit you. At year’s end, you’ll understand how to heal a person’s energy at the spiritual, etheric, emotional, and physical levels.

I am excited just telling you about it! Imagine the possibilities for your life and your healing practice….

Begin Your Journey Today!

Year 2: Empower the Healer Within

If you continue your journey to become your most masterful healer, Year 2 focuses on in-depth learning of more complex processes to work with spiritual energies so you can apply them to support others through their healing journeys.

To set you on the path of professional success, you will begin to practice energetic healing and learn about the business side of it. By the end of Year 2, you will have advanced your healing abilities and also expanded your energetic footprint, so you have access to more spiritual knowledge, connections and healers.

One of the most valuable parts of this year is that I work with you closely to train you and guide you on healing others using advanced techniques. I designed it this way so you get as much hands-on healing and coaching experience as you need so that when I certify you at the end of Year 2, we both know you have become a masterful healer through guidance and practice.

Wow! Let that sink in…you as a masterful healer!

So are you ready to turn your dreams into reality and claim your healing power?

Whether you want to shine, sparkle, resonate, thrive, or excel (or you want it all!), discover now how this revolutionary experience can open the door for you to expand your healing capabilities and set you on the path to clarity and prosperity as a healer. You deserve to connect deeply and powerfully with the divine healing energies within you!

Begin Your Journey Today!

Please get in touch today, as the limited number of places available for the next training will no doubt fill in a hurry!


Founder of The Center for Lifelong Happiness

I’m Mary Ann Robbat, energy master, intuitive, channeller, author, and executive coach. I believe that happiness is an inherent gift that resides in us all. My Center for Lifelong Happiness is committed to guiding and healing you, so you can live your happiest life now.

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