Do you remember the last time when you were just thrilled to start your day?

I was talking with a friend recently, and she was telling me how much she hated Sunday nights. I couldn’t figure out why anyone would hate a Sunday night, so I asked her why. She said, “the next day is Monday which means that I have to go to work. My stomach twists in knots just thinking about having to start back at work.”

I asked her if she experienced this every week or just at certain times? She told me she had been experiencing this gut twisting reaction every week for about 8 years. It turns out, she is very unhappy with her job and has been for years, but she is staying with it, because she makes good money and she doesn’t see any other options for herself.

In short, she is feeling totally trapped.

Do you feel trapped around a situation, a job or a relationship?

The great news is you don’t have to stay trapped!

First, recognize that you feel trapped because you feel like you have no choice. Next, remind yourself that you are always at choice. If you believe there is a choice, you can change anything. If you belive that you have no choices, you will stay trapped. It is your own personal decision of how you see a situation that determines if you set yourself free – choices, or keep yourself trapped – no choice. Decide what you want to believe. It is the mindset we choose that sets us free!

Second, explore where in your life you feel stuck or trapped or choiceless. Write it down (even if it’s in a text or email you send yourself!). Next, write down what keeps you stuck (in the example above it is the beleif that she won’t make as much money doing something else).

Follow these 5 simple steps to get unstuck:

Step 1: Identify 2 to 4 people you can talk with about your situation and ask them for the options they might see that you have. (These people must be people who are moving forward in their lives or you respect the choices they make. They can’t be people who are stuck themselves.)

Step 2: Talk with the people you identified in Step 1. Take down ALL thier ideas (yes, even the ones you KNOW won’t work out). Do NOT use the words “I can’t”. Just listen and jot down their ideas. Keep an open mind, no idea is a bad idea. Make sure you don’t start to justify why an idea won’t work. This is where your mind will want to go. Every time you feel resistance to the idea, take a breath, let your mind know you don’t have to make a decision in this moment. This will free you up to listen to the ideas coming forward.

Step 3: Once you have ideas from several people, read over them every night before you sleep. Each night, pick one idea and imagine yourself living in your life as if this idea has come through. Pay attention to how you feel. Do you feel lighter, less stressed, more carefree, excited, fearful, or full of disbelief?

Step 4: After you have gone through step 3 with each of the ideas, put a star next to the ones you really like or feel excited about. For the next few days, continue to imagine these ideas as if they already exist in your life today.

Step 5: What you will notice is one of the ideas will stay in your head. Now take that idea and figure out one baby step you can take right await to help make it happen (make a phone call, update your resume, have a conversation). Keep imagining it each night and take a little action each day and before you know it, you are at choice again!

You are only trapped if you beleive you are trapped. When you have lost your zest for life, or are experiencing physical reactions, it’s a wake up call to re-engage with your choices and make a new one.

What new choice will you make today?

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