Chances are, if you don’t you are not experiencing much of it in your life.

When was the last time you looked at your calendar and said, “I need to schedule in some fun, something that brings me joy or something that will allow me to experience complete satisfaction in my life”?  If the answer is never, or not in the last year, or last month or last week, it might be time to look at what is running your life.

Typically what runs our lives has to do with how you measure your level of success.  If you define your level of success by:

  • The career you are in
  • The promotions you have achieved,
  • The business you are building,
  • The activities your children are involved in

These are the thoughts that will occupy your mind and activities that occupy your day.  Whatever you are measuring your success around is what makes it into your schedule.  It becomes your priority.

Most of us have never been taught to look at success based on our desires or how we want to feel or what level of joy we have in our life.  So, we come to the end of a year or month or even the day and feel exhausted.   The feeling of exhaustion may come from our inability to experience a connection with what brings us happiness or contentment.



If you are out of touch with the feelings of joy, happiness or contentment it may be time to do a little research.  You may even start with the question, “What does bring me joy, fun, laughter, lightness, etc”?  Once you have a handle on what brings you to happiness and joy, start scheduling time to do these activities into your calendar in large bold letters.

And, please, don’t let it be the first thing that gets scratched out when you have to put something else in your calendar.   When we look back at the quality of our lives, we remember most the times that brought us joy and happiness.  You matter, start making yourself a priority.

Mary Ann