Feeling Marginalized?

I started my day yesterday with great intention.  I was planning on green juicing and exercising during the day as well as working and taking the kids to where they needed to be.   Although my intention was good and focused, my day went something like this – see the kids off to school; take out vegetables to make green juice.  Oh, before I juice, I should… do the laundry, write out some bills and take the dog out.  By the time I finished doing these tasks I realized I no longer had time to juice.  Off to work I went without my green juice and also no breakfast.  I worked until 2:30, happy that I had one and a half hours to work out and eat something for lunch before I needed to take the dog to the vet.


As I was driving through town, I talked with my husband who asked me to pick up fruit.  “Sure”, I said. I have all this time set aside to exercise, but I can stop to get fruit.  On the way to getting fruit, I stopped at the bank, drug store and paper supply store.  By the time I got home, I realized I had no time to work out.  I drove the dog to the vet, the kids to their activities, made dinner for the family and by 9:00 pm I was done.


I was feeling tired, frustrated and also dissatisfied with my day when I finally sat down after 9:00 pm. I had these thoughts running through my head; smile if you recognize some of these thoughts:

  • What about me?
  • When is it my time?
  • I have so much to do, I can’t get my needs met?


After I had my little pity party for myself, I realized with every choice I made during the day, I gave myself up.  I gave myself up to be more organized, efficient, and productive.  These activities fed my desire to try to stay on top of everything.  But what about my desire to take care of myself? My intention is to go into each day feeling nurtured and supported.


I realized I must believe feeling organized and productive is more valuable than feeling nurtured and supported since all my actions lined up to be more organized, efficient and productive.


If your life isn’t working the way you want it to work, pay attention to the actions you are taking.  These actions are the choices you make.  Each of the choices you make connect to a value or belief you hold of what is important to you.


Now that I recognize my belief for feeling organized and productive is outweighing my desire to feel good and healthy, I can take action.


To reprioritize your beliefs to align closer to what you desire, there are several steps you can take:


Step 1:  Take a moment and write down what set of beliefs you live your day by.

Step 2: What are the choices you make when you have two opposing needs?  The choice that trumps out the other choices is probably a primary conscious or unconscious belief that drives you.


Step 3: Now determine how you mindfully want to live your life.  For me, I want to make eating well and working out a priority.  If I have these two things happen consistently in my life, my life works out better all around.


Step 4:  Create new beliefs that support how you want to live your life.  For example my new belief is:  Eating well and working out gives me the fuel to be effective and productive in life.


Step 5:  When making choices, align to your beliefs.  For me, I can now tie the value of working out and eating well to supporting my other beliefs about being effective and productive.


Let me know how this is working for you!

Mary Ann