A few years ago I ran a silent retreat.  Only a few brave souls joined me.  I say brave because most of us have never really lived in silence.   I know I was nervous.  I wondered if I could really be silent for 48 hours!

We live our lives plugged in to the needs of our family, friends, community, career, obligations, etc.  The list is endless.  With all the technology we use to make our lives easier and simpler to stay in touch, we have less and less time to simply be by ourselves or in the quiet of our thoughts.

During the weekend of silence, I realized how little time I created to listen to my inner thoughts, my feelings and my own internal wisdom.  In the silence, my mind and body began to relax.  There was a freedom to follow thoughts  which would pop up in my head and analyze them if I needed to or just to let them go.

In the silence I found freedom to see my life as I am living it today and to figure out if this is how I want to live it.  Most importantly what emerged for me was the pure joy of being connected to my inner wisdom and having the space, time and quiet to have my inner wisdom emerge and inform me.

I am no longer afraid to be in silence.  Now my challenge is to build in silence in my daily life, where I have time to stop and breath deeply, to relax my body and mind and to listen to my inner wisdom.

Do you have time to be quiet in your daily life, to listen to your inner wisdom, to just breathe?