A client asked me the other day what is the most powerful process I use to create the life I want. I immediately answered, “setting my intentions”. I know whole books have been written, but I have 3 easy steps to setting

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your intention. These steps should take under a couple of minutes. 1. Every morning when I go into my shower I spend a moment thinking about my day. Who am I going to meet and what will I be doing. 2. Once I have a clear picture of my day in my mind, I think about how I want to “be” during the day. I usually strive for calm, focused and centered. 3. Next I look at what outcomes I want to occur from my meetings and finally I send loving energy to all the people I meet. You can do this by thinking about the person and imaging warm light or love going from your heart to theirs.

That’s it! Simple right? Not many people take the opportunity to create their desired experiences for the day. Try it out and see what changes for you as you go through your day.