Are You Answering the Call to be a Healer or to be Healed?

Heal Your Energy, Heal Your Life

4 powerful steps to release pain, confusion, and blocked energy

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Uncover how to shift from where you are to where you want to be


Discover your soulful purpose, emerge from limiting beliefs, and shift your energy systems for accelerated manifestation


Live life from a higher vibration and co-create a life of higher possibilities

About Mary Ann Robbat

Director & Founder of the Center of Lifelong Happiness

Mary Ann Robbat brings 20 years of teaching, coaching, consulting and luminous energy healing to her work with clients. Through highly evolved intuitive capabilities, she taps into an individual’s soul and hears the messages and channels energies using her Guides and her client’s Guides to reveal and clear a client’s blocks, enabling them to live their highest life.

The path to a powerful life

A book on how to use your divine energy to live the life you want

You will learn how to harness your energy, shift your beliefs, and become a powerful “manifestor”—a person who actually knows how to turn dreams into reality.

Awaken Your Healer Within

Claim your FREE 20-minute acceleration call and discover how to awaken or expand your healing capabilities.

There comes a time in life when your purpose and divinity merge. Sage has facilitated and guided my journey back home to my highest self.


Business Woman

Going to Healing School was something out of the norm for me as a business leader.  However, what I learned and experienced opened me up to new possibilities and innovations to bring the company I worked for to the next level.  It also impacted how I could track the energy in the room and with employees to ensure buy-in and success.


Chief Operating Officer

The Robbat Healing School is for anyone who wants to overcome limiting beliefs, heal fundamental, core issues and expand their idea of what’s possible. The work is experiential, powerful and empowering – a co-creation of the group dynamic with Mary Ann providing the framework and spiritual energy to facilitate the process. This program is unique in the individual support and personal attention given to each member, which results in it being a transformational experience.


Concert Pianist

Heal Your Energy, Heal Your Life

4 powerful steps to release pain, confusion, and stuck energy

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